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Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants


Carpet One Floor & Home is your local carpet remnant store in Oro Valley, Tucson, and Green Valley AZ. We not only carry a gorgeous collection of flooring — ranging from carpets to hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, and more — but we also have discounted carpet pieces. The remnants are perfect for a wide range of projects. They’re made from the end pieces leftover on carpet rolls that are too small for full-scale installations, but large enough to still be useful. Although they’re on clearance, many of our carpet remnants are sourced from high-end, luxury collections and of excellent quality.


Benefits and Uses of Carpet Remnants 

You can use carpet remnants for all kinds of purposes and home improvement projects. If you have a smaller room or floor space where you want to add carpet, like children’s play areas, nurseries, and offices, then carpet remnants are perfect. They can also be bound into area rugs or custom runners for hallways and staircases. Additionally, you can use the remnants to protect your floors by slipping them under furniture legs and storage boxes. They’re also excellent for moving heavy furniture. Just flip the carpet scrap pile-side down and use it to slide the object across the floor. You can also use them to clean window screens by scrubbing the mesh with the pile side. 


Carpet remnants are also great for pet-related projects. They can be put inside pet crates to add cushioning and warmth. They can also be placed underneath litter boxes to help protect the floor from stray litter. Additionally, they’re great for creating cat scratch poles and cat stands. The scraps can also help around your workshop and garage. They can be attached to the walls near where your car doors swing open to help shield them from being scratched or dented. They can also be used as car mats to help protect the vehicle’s interior from mud, snow, and debris. 


If you’re interested in discounted carpet flooring, stop by our gorgeous showroom to shop carpet remnants near you. 


At Carpet One Floor & Home in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Green Valley, we are proud to be your local carpet provider for Tucson, Pima County, and all of Southeast Arizona.

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